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UPDATE: As of 30 August 2020, I paid $1397 for the lifetime deal. Even though the video is “outdated”, it still gives a tour of the inside. Since there are new upgrades and features added every day, it is useless to try and record a tutorial. Best think you can do is to try it out for free right now before the price goes to subscription. https://link.eranbucai.com/Groove


Groove Funnels is a new funnel builder software, an “all-in-one” marketing software to manage your entire online business. https://link.eranbucai.com/Groove

I don’t want to spoil the reason I chose not to pay for Groove Funnels lifetime deal, you’ll need to watch the video. But I will give you a comparison of what I’m paying roughly at the moment so you can see why Groove Funnels current offer (while it is in beta) is an incredible deal.

Email Marketing = $15/month
Video hosting = $25/month
Funnel Builder = $300/month (roughly)
Website hosting = $15/month
Webinar software = $49/month
Course/membership software = $79/month

If you tally it up, I pay over $400/month in software expenses for my online business.

I have just shy of 100 subscriptions and memberships and payment plans on my funnel builder and course hosting platform, which are my biggest expenses. To move away means I have to cancel the subscriptions and tell them to re-subscribe in Groove Funnels. It is simply a massive time commitment and decision that is not feasible for my business.

I am much better off focusing on acquiring more customers than spending TIME moving all my content over to Groove Funnels. For example, even though you might think me paying $5K in software per year is a lot, but actually, 2-3 website jobs and I pay that off in full anyway. It’s not the end of the world – for the state of my online business. And I can deduct all as business expenses. And I have passive income that pays for everything.

BUT, if I was just getting started, or if I did not have those subscriptions, memberships, and content already created on other platforms, getting Groove Funnels would be a NO-BRAINER.

To have 25K email subscribers with any of the main email marketing companies means $145/month at the absolute minimum.

You get that with Groove Funnels for with Groove Funnels, Groove Blog, Groove Video, Groove eCommerce, Groove Pages, Groove Affiliates, and lots more – but the price is basically the same for 12 months and then you OWN Groove Funnels software. It’s yours. No more subscriptions.

Newbies to online business – you’re got an opportunity here to save a TON of money down the road by investing in Groove Funnels. Sign up for a free trial and decide for yourself. https://link.eranbucai.com/GrooveFunnels

Email me once you signed up and I will get on a call with you and give you some awesome bonuses as explained in the video. contact@eranbucai.com

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