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Appmarche Business plan, Earn money online #businessplan #makemoneyonline

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Appmarche Technology is a Bangalore based government approved legal information technology company which is aimed to become the pioneer in IT industry with its strong vision and future planning.

An innovative approach which includes project management, business analysis, custom design and development, QA testing and implementation and more. Company is run by bunch of brilliant,visionaryIT Guys and Businessmen.

VISION :- Making the best and unique concept based utility mobile applications/web portals/software and other IT related stuffs/services in the most brilliantly possible way. And create the maximum business opportunities for the youths through the cutting edge technology platformat global level, Wants to set an exampleand inspire the world.

MISSION :- To become a saviour/life guard in this most complicated world through digital technology n innovations and simplifying life. We manifest a strong will to win in the digital market and every aspect of our business.
Secret Genie is another saviour app of secret series.This app will also become your personal secret life guard which will save you from awkward n critical situations and avoid unnecessary further complications. When you get call from someone whom you don’t want to make public here Secret Genie will put camouflage on your privacy. And you can replace certain caller’s number from any number available in your caller list and next time when this person calls up you will be getting the call from the NAME & NUMBER you have replaced the number instead of the original number . This is a temporary illusion only in your mobile setting.


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