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Business Analysis Online Training for Beginners | ZaranTech

Business Analysis Online Training for Beginners

In this video, you will learn,

1. Agile Business Analysis
2. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
3. Business Analysis Techniques
4. Who is a Business Analyst?
5. Importance of Business Analyst in Job Market
6. Top Reasons why companies use Business Analyst.

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An Agile Business Analyst plays a key role in the Agile project life cycle and has responsibilities that include coming up with feasible ideas, shaping the idea by providing adequate resources, mobilizing the team to achieve goals, building the product and finally implementing the product by supporting associated training’s.

Why Agile Business Analysis Training?

Our course on Agile Business Analysis gives you a complete lowdown on the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst in the Agile context including basics such as User stories, backlogs, Kanban and queues, and all other fundamentals needed to run successful projects. Whether you are looking to transition into this field, prepare for industry certification or strengthen your current performance as an analyst, ZaranTech’s dynamic instructor-led training and certification program can be your catalyst for success.

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Agile Business Analysis Certification Course Features:

1. 24*7 Life time Access & Support
2. Project Case Study
3. Interview Assistance
4. Labs, Assignments and Quizzes
5. Tenant access thru 3rd party vendor
6. Life time free Course Upgrade
7. USA based Workday HCM and Integration Certified trainer with 15 yrs of experience

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