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Click Funnels vs Mintbird Sales Funnel and Online Shopping Cart Review. Mike does a Mintbird Review

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Hi, welcome to my review of click funnels versus the brand new shopping cart and funnel building software, Mint Bird as a member of the Mintbrid Accelerator Program, I’ve got the inside scoop on how it all works. Stick around because I’m gonna give you behind the scenes look at how Mintbird works a little later.
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If you want to make money online, real money, You need two things. You need a funnel and you need a shopping cart, simple as that. So let’s get down to it!
Click funnels, is great company, many people very happy with them. However, there’s a few things we need to take a look at.
1st, their unlimited version will cost you a little over $3500/yr. 2nd, servers are Amazon and Cloud Flair based. 3rd, all products are tied to a specific funnel. Each funnel is built from the ground up.
If you want to change something in that funnel, you’ve got to start all over again. If you want to move around some products in there, you’ve got to start all over again. Very time consuming! And that’s the way it’s been done for many years online.
But, Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher have created a brand new software called Mint Bird, that I believe is going to set the Internet Marketing World on its ear.
Their unlimited version Is under $400 a year (If you get the down sell). You save over $3,000 a year! Their servers are Orical based. I’m no techy but I know that techies love to hear that is Oracle based. Here’s what couple techies have to say about it: “As an Oracle Systems Administrator, I understand what Chad is talking about in terms of the robust platform.” “This system is built on oracle database, which is used in big corporations and expensive is yet another indicator that the members of this team are committed to Quality.
3rd Mintbird (and here’s the GAME CHANGER!) Mintbird’s funnels are Library Based. All your Upsells, downsells, and bump offers go in the library! When it’s time to build A funnel, It takes about 2 minutes! It’s ‘drag and drop’. Try doing that with click funnels!
As part of the Accelerator Program, I got an in-depth tour of how it works. (see above video, for a quick peak!)
Here’s what some of my peers in the Accelerator Program, had to say:
“The shopping cart software that makes creating yourselves funnels seem like child’s play. It’s like building something with lego, all the pieces you need fit together perfectly. And if you don’t like something you just take one piece off and add another and everything still works perfectly. Amazing. Just a few clicks and you can change whatever you want.”
“I’ve tried every funnel builder out today, click funnels, Groove as well as all the cheap stuff out there being sold on other sites. Mint bird ends all the frustration. Finally I can learn one and stay with it forever. Mint but puts the fun in funnel building! Quick and easy software that makes the process easy.”
“I have to tell you that I’m fortunate enough to be on the inside of this project and I’m absolutely blown away by what Chad and Perry are building. Take all your current checkout systems, think about everything that aggravates you about them and what you wish they did better then at add the things that are missing from them. Now you’re just beginning to see why Mintbird is about to rock this industry!”
“Tried building a three step funnel in groove and gave up frustrated. I love the simplicity of how the page builder is in click funnels, but having to continually start from scratch each time drives me crazy and it’s so limited. Looking forward to using Mintbird!”
“This was very eye opening and Chad revealed how easy we can make funnels via Mint Bird. It will be a game changer in the industry, allowing anyone to build funnels with ease! We experienced how to create the product funnel in less than two minutes. The greatest thing is you can do it all on your cell phone, if you choose! It doesn’t get any better than THAT!”
MintBird also has funnel logic, or ‘Smart Funnel Technology’! It allows you to use tags and triggers to redirect a customer to specific funnels or even skip up-sells based on certain behaviors. Mind blowing! Nobody else has this! If you need a funnel builder, get Mint Bird! Mint Bird vs click funnels or any other funnel building, shopping cart software… there’s no comparison!
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