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Crowdrising Online Marketing Method | Sales Funnel Explained

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In this video I talk about online marketing with a sales funnel. I go into detail on what is a sales funnel and show members how a funnel is put together and the purpose and benefits for your Crowdrising Business.

This is a great way to get signups into your business and the best part is that it can be totally automated. Getting signups will not happen on it’s own. You will get spillover referrals but YOU need to take action and make it happen to fill all the positions at each level.

I address some of the many questions I get asked on a daily basis by people who have joined the Crowdrising Opportunity | Crowdrising Business Presentation and are struggling to promote it and get signups. I cover Crowdrising Marketing Methods Overview which is the first of several videos.

Please watch my other videos about Crowdrising where I offer a detailed Crowdrising Video Presentation about the CrowdRising Business Opportunity and how the peer to peer direct funding model works.

Crowdrising works on the Pay It Forward first principal whereby members are asked to donate out of their own free will, a small amount of money (at level 1 this is $20) and in return this will unlock the opportunity for you to introduce other members in your down line who in turn donate to you.

Join my team and receive guidance and support so that you can get regular cash payments directly into your PayPal (or other) account on a regular basis.

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