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Funnel Hacker Radio 173 – How To Use Sales Funnels To Build a 7 Figure Professional Services Company

Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb have become the #1 Financial Consultants for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of their home offices. With the help of ClickFunnels and a successful online marketing funnel, they have learned how to upsell, cross-sell, and promote their services far beyond their backyard.

Their industry is plagued by red tape and regulations on what you can and cannot say. They have been able to create sales funnel and marketing system that pre-qualifies leads which cuts the typical 3 to 4 appointments down to 1. They reveal what they do in their business and also how they are helping others duplicate their system.

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Show Notes:
Ryan and Brad met getting out of a rat race in the corporate world

Employee to business owner to investor, a Ryan and Brad tale

Empowering your clients so they can make money instead of making it for them

Ryan and Brad have turned the investment industry on a side that it has never before been

New Opportunity Vs. Improvement offer: Which is your business?

Dave went through the application for Ryan and Brad’s Investment Service

It’s possible to hate selling to people but love marketing, you just need to do what they did first

If you customize your product in a niche enough, you will become the name for that niche

You can help all of your clients more if you automate your systems like Ryan and Brad have done

Ryan and Brad knew that financial advisors weren’t creative enough to make websites, so they found out how to make templates and sell them to their friends and clients in the industry


“The more you know, the more empowered you are”

“It sounds cheesy and fluffy but it is the truth; because we’ve mixed it with our experience and our unique way of doing everything that we’ve really made this OUR practice and nobody else does it.”

“For us to be able to create a course, deliver a course, and give people websites that function and work that they could take our levels off and put their levels on was phenomenal.”

Audio Clips:
(2:35-2:47) “We met working our way out of traditional financial strategies of investing in the stock market, crossing your fingers it all works out. Along the path I realized that I love helping others achieve financial freedom.”

(14:50-15:10) “If I am a local advisor only working with people that come into my office I don’t have the luxury to choose. I have to try and be a chameleon and reflect back to you what you want right? Where here, I get to say ‘This is what I do, I don’t do all that other stuff. If you want that stuff go get it, BUT if you want this come to me'”


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