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Getting Clear On Your Online Business Plan & Strategy

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This website is created to inspire you and empower you with simple “newbie friendly” tools, resources and systems to equip you with what you need to truly make money from home. Whether you are a network marketer, internet or affiliate marketer, and you are new to the online space…or perhaps, like me, you’ve been around for a while and have struggled to get leads, traffic, and sales…chances are you have experienced information overload, overwhelm, and sheer frustration trying to make sense of it all…and really getting nowhere. My intent is to help you tune out the ”noise”, and focus only on the 3 things that you need to succeed online…

I going to give you the “no fluff…real stuff” version so that you don’t spend more money or time than you need to spend in the process.

In a previous video, I talked about what I look for in a home business opportunity and one of the last things I mentioned was does it make sense? Does the opportunity, tools, or affiliate program make sense or align with my overall intention? Is it congruent with my message?

And I mentioned that for it to make sense or align with my intention or message, you have to be clear on what your intention or message is.

So in this video, I want to share how being clear on your intention or message is the key to creating your online business plan and strategy.

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visit: http://BrenaPhelpsOnline.com

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DISCLAIMER: Obviously results will vary. This video sharing my results, is not a guarantee of profits or income for you or anyone else. You may earn way more than this, less than this or nothing. Your level of income will be determined by your effort, participation and dedication to building your own business. In this video I simply share my real results to illustrate what is possible.



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