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Groove Funnels Is Junk! {Don’t Waste Your Money }

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Groove Funnels is JUNK! {Don’t Waste Your Money }

Straight up Dumpster Fire over there at Groove Funnels.

The product was buggy when I bought is six months ago, so I went back to Clickfunnels and came back during Mike Filsaime’s launch week only to find out the software is not working.

It’s been a week, I have sent chats, videos, and screenshots, and nothing, still says I have to be an admin to save my work SMH.

Others are having the issue as well. As I noticed in the community forum, one person since 6-18-2020!

What’s even sadder this is one of their main selling points to quickly build HTML affiliate sites, and it straight up doesn’t work!

Terrible product and service 🤮

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