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How I Bought UK Property With NO MONEY! | Building a Property Empire From Zero

24 hour No Money Down Challenge

What is the 24 hour challenge?

Progressive decided to set Property Investor and No Money Down Property expert Kevin McDonnell a challenge…..

Could Kevin secure a property using No Money Down strategies in just 24 hours in the current property market?!

There were some ground rules:

-Zero money, the property HAD to be secured using no money

-Kevin couldn’t use any of his property investors network

-He had to find a property in a city he’d NEVER even been to

There were plenty of unforeseen challenges!

Lots of ups and downs, plenty of stress and laughs along the way.

But could Kevin do it?

Watch “The 24 hour No Money Down Challenge” to find out and educate yourself on how you can build your property business in the UK using little or no money.

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