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How I Started My Online Business + 4 Tips to Build a Great Service-Based Biz

Are you wondering how to start an online business?

I run a service-based online business called Express Writers. I have almost 100 people on staff. Since 2011, our founding date, we’ve completed more than 30,000 projects.

But back in 2011, the idea for this team and agency was just a seed in my head, and it was born from a passion I had for writing. I had nothing more than $75 in the bank when I started my business.

Today, I wanted to pull the curtains back and share with you personally here on my channel how I started my online business, with some advice that I think would really help you if you’re at a place of wanting to start your own online business, too.


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About Julia McCoy

I’m the founder of The Content Hacker™ and Express Writers™.

I manage Express Writers, a team of 90+ amazing content writers I started in 2011. We’ve completed over 30,000 projects for our clients. Learn more: https://expresswriters.com Hire us to write your content: https://shop.expresswriters.com/

‍ I teach talented marketers how to GROW through trust-based content marketing in The Content Hacker™ Academy. Learn more: https://contenthacker.com/academy.

I write at:

The Write Blog: https://expresswriters.com/write-blog/
The Content Hacker™ Blog: https://contenthacker.com/blog/

I’m a published author:

Practical Content Strategy & Marketing https://amzn.to/35imRj2
So You Think You Can Write? The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing https://amzn.to/2Uh06FS
Woman Rising: A True Story https://amzn.to/3liEaX0
Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition https://amzn.to/2OoR0qY



Learn content marketing in The Content Strategy & Marketing Course: https://contentstrategycourse.com/

Learn SEO writing: https://seowritingcourse.com/

Build online writing skills for 11+ online writing formats: https://prowritingcourse.com/


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