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How This Website Makes $180,000/MONTH In Passive Income!

See how this website make $180,000 a month in passive income. make crazy money!
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You would probably think I’m crazy if I told you this website makes nearly $200,000 per month is passive income… Well, call me crazy!

Dollarsprout.com makes money online brings in $180,000 per month, this was back in January so imagine it now! How do they make money online?

They earn money by doing something called affiliate marketing to bring in passive income. When they write and article on their website they insert affiliate links and get a commission when someone makes a purchase after clicking the link. This is how a lot of people earn passive income online.

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What is passive income? It’s when you make money online while you sleep! This website will end up making a lot in 2019 and 2020.

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