home Training How to choose the right online training business model Video (Online Trainer Show #11)

How to choose the right online training business model Video (Online Trainer Show #11)

How to Choose the Right Online Training Business Model (Online Trainer Show #11)
As the pandemic continues to cause massive global changes, you might be seeing the need to reinvent your business. The question is, what type of model should you choose? After having a discussion about the greatness of wipes over toilet paper, Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about different business models and how you can implement them in your online training career. While all of these are applicable, you don’t have to go through all of them! Just make sure to take note of the limits of each one.

In This Episode:

– Wipes versus toilet paper and surpassing two listeners [00:59]
– One to a Few – where you should start [14:41]
– One to Many – don’t attract a lower-quality customer! [24:54]
– High-Ticket Programs – understand your clients! [38:21]
– Hybrid Programs – the best for transitioning to online training [42:29]

“Hybrid training is simply a more convenient way to offer a better service.” – Jonathan Goodman 

One to a Few
The basics – trading your time for money. This allows you to do things on your own schedule, but this is not where you want to be forever!

One to Many
This might lead you to a membership model, but that tends to attract lower-quality customers. However, you can make the “One to Many” approach work by charging appropriately and hiring coaches to work with you as well!

High-Ticket Programs
These are usually transformation programs where you can charge higher amounts. The higher price is justified by understanding your prospect’s problem and providing a tailored solution to solve it.

Hybrid Programs
It allows you to offer what a client needs, when they need it, and how they need it. Your customers pay you a monthly fee as accountability and also when they need to see you in person!

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