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How to Invest With No Money – Rich Dad StockCast

Investing with no money, how is THAT not the coolest?
It’s not the coolest if we don’t teach you how YOU can invest with no money. So, that is exactly what Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner, is going to do.
That is what Robert Kiyosaki does and after this show, it is something you can do too.

Robert Kiyosaki says, “Why would you use your own money? Why wouldn’t you learn to invest with no money? That is what the rich do. If YOU invest with your own money, you are thinking like a poor person, like my poor dad. You need to think like the rich do, like my rich dad.”

And so that is what this episode is about, how to be like rich dad, Robert Kiyosaki and Andy Tanner, and learn to invest with NO money.

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