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How to Make Video With Your Mobile Ft Judie Russell

How to Make Video with Your Mobile Ft Judie Russell By Mike Pitt. This is video number 394. This is an interview with Judie Russell.
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Mike Pitt is the Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd which is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London.

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In this video I discuss, How to Make Video with Your Mobile Ft Judie Russell https://youtu.be/60_TTGYyYaI

This video will be of interest to content creators, business owners and social media marketing professionals. It will also be of interest to training managers at B2B companies, B2B marketing managers, sales professionals, Content Marketing professionals, Social Media Managers and anyone who is using video to market their business.

0:00 Intro
1:07 What is your story?
5:08 When did you start out in business?
6:47 Three adjectives a client would use to describe you
9:06 Who is your target audience?
9:39 How can businesses get started with video?
9:33 Have you seen greater demand for your services during Covid-19?
10:59 Video tips for businesses
13:33 What was the best advice ever given to you??
15:26 What would you do differently if given another opportunity?
18:09 Do you work with colleagues? Or mostly on your own?
21:31 How to focus during editing
21:53 What will change in 3 years?
24:23 What has been your biggest challenge?
26:44 How did you overcome it?
28:36 File copies of your programmes
29:51 Who is your entrepreneurial hero and why?
34:48 What are the links to your website and Socials?
35:18 One action you recommend to get people started with video
36:38 How did you start making videos, Mike?

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevidacademy/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/judierussell

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