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How to sell information products (real time funnel build)

In this video I’m going to map out the blueprint we’ll be using to sell an information/course product.

We have a 3 part audio workshop series soon being released. It teaches buyers how they can do more every day and enjoy doing it. The product itself is relatively simple, it’s 3 MP3s and some worksheets.

However, we want to make sure that we can sell the product on automation which is why we map out a funnel at 30000ft to make sure we know what we’re building.

We’ll start with the delivery page, which is often the page people design last. But I feel it’s the most important page because it will either close the loop, or open up a new funnel.

Working backwards we’ll take a look at the sales pages, checkout pages, the features included in each page AND our remarketing strategy.


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