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How To Start A T Shirt Printing Business Using A Heat Press

Starting a t shirt printing business can be done with a heat press from the comfort of your home and in this video we dive into the details to start your own business. Shop our wholesale site: https://bit.ly/Wholesale-Streetwear

Heat Press price points can vary from $200- $5,000+ depending on your needs. The higher priced heat presses are designed for efficiency and professional use, and the lower end price points are made for startup brands working from home.

When starting a t-shirt business it’s important you consider the options available to you. If you are thinking of making some extra side hustle money by printing for brands in your community, while also building your own clothing line. Then investing in equipment makes sense as long as you market your services.

But if you’re new to starting a clothing line and want to use this to save money, this may not be the best option to start. In this case we highly recommend you check out our playlist on YouTube to get started: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbLugPSdpAWdO9vzAl81os497ooTSJcx6

The heat press set up and items we showed in this video can be found here:
– Heat Press: https://shrsl.com/2bpf2
– Vinyl Cutter: https://shrsl.com/2bpfk
– Paper: https://shrsl.com/2bpg1
– Weeding Tool: https://shrsl.com/2bpga

Lower Price Alternatives:
– Heat Press: https://shrsl.com/2bpgf
– Vinyl Cutter: https://shrsl.com/2bpgn

Shop our face masks and designs made by our community: https://bit.ly/Streetwear-FaceMask

If you’re starting a clothing line, I encourage you to download your free PDF and online training where we help you start your brand easily. Best of all we include an expanded list of suppliers in there as well: http://bit.ly/Free-Apparel-Training

Working with a vinyl cutter requires artwork in a Vector Art format (.ai file) In order to make vector art you’ll need a program such as Illustrator. You can download the program and access from anywhere with Adobe Creative Cloud: http://bit.ly/Creative-Cloud1

When setting up your heat press for heat transfer printing chances are you’ll also want to print in full color. The best way to do this is by purchasing full color transfers with your designs ready to be applied. This will require you purchase a couple dozen up front and the more you buy, the more you save. Checkout the resources we recommend by visiting our website: http://johnxsantos.com/

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0:00 Intro Into How To Start A T-shirt Printing Business Using HTV
1:20 Breaking Down The Cost Of Starting With Heat Transfer Printing
4:21 How Heat Transfer Printing Works
6:50 Choosing The Right Whole Sale Apparel For Your Business
9:37 Heat Transfer Printing Correctly and Safely
11:45 Showcasing the Final Results of Heat Transfer Printing

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