home Business Plan How to Start/Open a Successful Food Startup Business in India | ChetChat

How to Start/Open a Successful Food Startup Business in India | ChetChat

How to Start/Open A Successfu Food Startup Business in India | Restaurant Business in India | Full Information to Open Food Business | ChetChat

How to Start/Open a Restaurant Business – https://goo.gl/wVXcjK

Click on this video for a ChetChat on How to Start/Open A Food Startup Business in India with Aniket Karia the founder of all Heart who talks about how to set up a food Business from scratch. You will find your answers to a food or restaurant start-up and details of how to start food business as well as how to start food business in india along with how to start restaurant business and some restaurant business tips. He shares his experience on food startup tips and running a food start-up business and some food startup mistakes along with common restaurant start-up mistakes

Some questions answered in this video are

1. What are the key elements that any product should have?
2. Initial stages of starting a food start-up?
3. What are the key things to keep in mind while taking your food start up from a prototype to a business
4. What is the list of approvals required and the process for obtaining each one of them
5. Steps to creating the right team – common mistakes and things to keep in mind
6. Steps and process of doing digital marketing and PR
7. Setting a business plan / goals / strategies
8. Give us an overview of the food industry and tell us about the segments and micro segments which are growing within this
9. What kind of capital investment is required for a food start up
10. How does one go about establishing a brand – how does one stand out from competition in this over crowded market
11. Own manufacturing vs outsourcing
12. Talk about issues of quality, perishability, consistency etc.
13. How to connect with the customer, and hear from the customer
14. Retail vs B2B – your views
15. Common mistakes and fail points – and how to ensure success

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Host – Chetna Vasishth

Gmail – chetchat101@gmail.com

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