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How to Use Webinar Funnels to Build Your Coaching Business – GetResponse Conversion Funnels

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Want to know how to use webinar funnels to build your coaching business? This is Sean Smith the founder of Elite Coaching University. I’ve been coaching and training coaches for over 15 years now and in this video, I’m gonna share with you how to use a webinar funnels to build your coaching business and what platform you should use to do it. Now the first question is why should you be using webinars at all to build your coaching business well the short answer is because they work and there are three main reasons why they work.

1️⃣ The first one is that it feels like a live event there’s interaction on the webinar and people are much more likely to consume your information in a webinar then they are in something static like an audio or a video.

2️⃣ The second reason is that you have them on a computer. Whether they’re listening on a laptop or a desktop or a phone they’re on a device that you can use to then send them somewhere else meaning if you want them to click a link and go to a website they can do it because you know they’re on a device consuming the webinar.

3️⃣ And the third reason is because we’re used to it people are used to attending webinars for all kinds of things in the online space and whenever you can use the method that people are used to and they’re familiar with instead of giving them some new variable that they might not understand when it comes to consuming your information and now hopefully you’re convinced that using webinars is a very smart way to build your coaching business so the second question is how do I do it. Well let me share with you a platform that I use and I suggest you use called GetResponse to actually build the webinar funnel.

0:23 Why you should be using webinars?
2:02 Create a webinar funnel
3:15 Create a signup page
4:45 Create autoresponder
5:46 Create thank you page

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