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Importing From China: Affiliate Marketing | Part 2

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Full Article: http://www.onlinedimes.com/importing-from-china/

In Part 2 of my affiliate marketing series I look at Importing from China using http://www.onlinedimes.com/aliexpress

In this Video series, I’m going to be covering 6 Topics. This is part 1

-Finding affiliate networks and offers
-Importing to sell on Amazon
-Keyword research
-Building a converting affiliate website
-Traffic and SEO

Importing from overseas can bring in huge profits. Using website to bring in products to sell on ebay and Amazon is getting more popular. I take a look at where you can find products.

I cover researching the competition then analysing how they sell a product. Anyone can sell an item but it’s how you market it that will bring in the real results.

Although my series is on affiliate marketing I wanted to cover importing products from china just in case this is something my viewers would like to get into. Once you find the right product make sure you have a plan of action. You might have to test some items before you really dive into this.

If you have an questions let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out with anything you need with starting out. If you live in America I’ve added some good companies you can use domestically. This will save you importing from China if you want to keep shipping cost down.

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