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Increase 500% Online Business Plan for 2020 -Make Money With Youtube 2020

In this video I will be sharing my plan to increase 500% for my youtube revenue and also what my goal for this year and also expected revenue in by end of december as a part time online business entrepreneur .
You also can have a more realistic glance at how much actually you can potentially earn from online business.

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So , lets pull everything in ,my part time online business can be divided into 2 business model,
1)Affiliate marketing and also
2)My youtube channel which I started really active last year , where I posted over 100s of video just last year alone.

So , lets look at the plan
1)I managed 5 websites
– wenghonnfitness.com
– psychodemy.com
– dropshipmme.com
– bebossathome.com
– ninelivesnation.com

So , wenghonnfitness.com does not earn me any money except a couple of dollars from GOOGLE adsense every month , psychodemy.com is a big one it earn me about 200++ usd every month on average , dropshipmme.com does not earn me much money directly, bebossathome.com and ninelivesnation.com is a new website as well ,and both not really an active website.

So in general I am earning around 250 from all these 5 websites from different sources but mainly from affiliate marketing.

My plan for this year will be start focusing more on content for wenghonnfitess.com , dropshipmme.com and also bebossathome.com . I am looking at a 4 seo and keywords focus article to be published to these 3 website every month.

On psychodemy itself I will want to push it up abit higher where 8 seo and keywords focused article every month and I am looking at a 30% of increase revenue by end of this year , and it will be 260usd per month .

Overall I am looking at a average of 40% increase of my total revenue from all my blogspot , therefore it will be 350usd per month .

Except on article blogging , I will also be tagging along these website on my online courses on udemy and also my youtube video to drive more traffic to these websites to generate more income for my google adsense .

Next , this is really exited ,my this year goal I really want to focus more on my youtube channel as it really give me the “hope” of reaching my goal of hitting 1000 usd monthly by end of this year.

So how far am I from reaching this goal ?I am currently hitting at $125 marks every month with 180 videos .So , based on calculation each video earn me in an average of $1.44 . I mean of course this is not the best way to calculate , but atleast it able to set me a goal on how far am I.

Based on this calculation I need 694 videos to reach the 1000 usd marks per month.
So I am 514 videos away from reaching my goal . lets divide it with 12 months.it will be 42 videos a month and about 1.4 video a day ,lets round it up to 2.
So , 2 videos a day and I get to earn 1000 usd per month by end of this year. And I am going to DO it.

The toughest challenge is not on producing 514 videos , but videos that people will watch , this is the challenge .I can simple post video ,when I am sleeping ,or when I am writing this script , but , will you watch it? Maybe yes maybe no.

So I need to do alot of things to create a video that has high chances of people like you guys and others that will watch.

So , 514 videos by end of this month and 42 videos every month to get it done .
As a sum , I will be putting int 12 seo and keywords based article every month for all my 5 blogs and also 42 videos on youtube . and the out come will be $350 per month on my affiliate marketing and $1000 usd from youtube by end month

Do let me know if you want me to post an update for all the stuff that I do to achieve my goal that I mentioned to you before.

And also my challenge to you is to do atleast half of what I am going to do , which will be create 6 articles in a month time and also 20 videos a month .

So , that is it for now . remember to subscribe to my youtube channel . Thanks for your support.