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Kumita ng P800 to P1,500 Per Day | Tested Online Business 100% New App 2021

This is the link: http://bit.ly/3jk7UlZ
Please, listen carefully sa instruction ko dahil madali lang naman gawin to at kailangan lang, inuunawa nyo ang step-by-step process.

How to use COINS.ph to BUY-en-SELL bitcoin:

OTHER E-WALLETS to consider:
Bitcoin Wallet: http://bit.ly/39RhppG
Blockchain: http://bit.ly/3cMuqTm

How to Link GCASH to PayPal:

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1) Must have an aged and verified PayPal account.
– since PayPal is strict when it comes to money laundering, it would be best to do this with a verified account to avoid having your money on hold for 21 days.
– PayPal also has a strict policy on Bitcoin transactions.
– this is where all the complaints are coming from.
– So if your paypal account is not verified YET, don’t do this yet. Bookmark this video for later after your Paypal is verified.
– To get verified in PayPal, prepare 2 valid IDs and your bank account for final verification.
– Link GCASH to PayPal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9PEI2Sr9Lo

2) Must have a Coins.ph account or other platforms that sells Bitcoin
– Personally, I prefer LocalBitcoins with higher offers.
– I also use Bitcoin Wallet from Play Store as it also offers higher exchange rate.
– This is where you will buy the Bitcoins

3) Must have local e-wallet
– Gcash and Paymaya works great
– connect them to your Paypal account for instant money transfer
– Withdraw the money.

4) MUST have decent internet connection
– to prevent page errors and invalid transactions

5) TIRLU is not a money investment entity
– TIRLU is a money exchanger entity
– you are not going to invest money on TIRLU.
– you are going to buy bitcoin for a lower amount and sell it to a higher amount on TIRLU.
– It’s like exchanging your dollar to peso and looking for the highest bidder


STEP 1: buy bitcoin
– use CoinsPH or whichever bitcoin seller you prefer.
STEP 2: Go to TIRLU ( https://tirlu.com?ref=e25efa2e )
– check the current exchange rate
– if the exchange rate is good enough for you, start the transaction.
– NOTE that bitcoin fluctuates everyday. It could be higher or lower everyday.
– So if you don’t like the current exchange rate, check again tomorrow.
STEP 3: Start Transaction
– Enter the Bitcoin amount and your PayPal address
STEP 4: Sell your BITCOIN
– Copy Bitcoin address from TIRLU and paste it on your Bitcoin wallet.
– If you use COINS.ph, Go to BTC tab and choose SEND.
– Choose BTC Wallet Address and paste the address copied from TIRLU
– Go back to TIRLU, copy the amount and paste it to COINS PH.
– DO NOT close or REFRESH the TIRLU website or the COINS.ph page.
– Just copy and paste what I just told you.
– Choose LOW Payment Fee para mababa lng yung transaction charge sa atin.
– Check the “I UNDERSTAND” clause and then “SLIDE TO SEND.”
– an SMS will be sent for your COINS.ph verification code. Just Enter it.
– Once transaction is done, take a screenshot of the REFERENCE ID, just in case of errors. For assurance.
STEP 5: Go back to TIRLU website ( https://tirlu.com?ref=e25efa2e )
– DO NOT REFRESH the TIRLU page whatever happens.
– wait for the TRANSACTION ID to appear at the bottom of the PAYMENT ID.
– take a screenshot of the TRANSACTION ID
STEP 6: Wait for the money on your PayPal account
– this could take minutes to hours. Max is 24hours.


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