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Low Investment Business Idea: Mushroom Farming | Online Training in Hindi

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Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable agri-business that you can start with low investment and less space. Mushroom cultivation in India is growing gradually as an alternative source of income for many people. So why wait?!

The course will be conducted by Mr. Amit Prasad, who is an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and has been in the mushroom business for many years. Amit worked for over 20 years in multi-national companies and now has a successful business in Dehradun around mushroom production and packaging.

You can start earning a profit of Rs. 8000, with an investment as low as Rs. 2500/-. So do not wait, enroll in our course, and start your business today.

Course Language: HINDI

यह पाठ्यक्रम आपको सिखाएगा कि केवल 2500 हजार रुपये से कम का निवेश करके घर से अपना मशरूम खेती व्यवसाय कैसे स्थापित करें

अमित प्रसाद ने अपना बहुत ही सफल मुशर्रम फार्मिंग व्यवसाय स्थापित किया है और अब इस कोर्स में वे आपको मार्गदर्शन देंगे कि आप कैसे बहुत कम निवेश के साथ खुद का मशरूम व्यवसाय शुरू कर सकते हैं ।

This is a 5 week online training course, which includes:
– 30+ premium videos
– Live Sessions every week
– Closed Whatsapp group for discussions
– Lifetime access to videos and Whatsapp group.

The course structure is as follows:
1 – Introduction
2 – Principle of Mushroom Cultivation & Production (Basic)
3 – Mushroom types and it’s cultivation (Basic)
4 – Mushroom care and handling (Advance)
5 – Business & Marketing (Advance)
6 – Food processing & Storage (Advance)

Enroll in this course, if you want to start your business in Mushroom farming, and you can start from a small room!

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