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My Honest eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett Review 2019 (Worth It Or Not?)

Is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett Worth It? Or is it just one of those scammy dropshipping courses which gurus promise results showing their rented Lamborghinis?

Get eCom Elites Below:

eCom Elites is a Dropshipping course made by the guy called Franklin Hatchett. Franklin Hatchett is actually a dropshipper and affiliate marketer and has made over 7 figures+!

What does eCom Elites Contain?
eCom Elites Contains 9 different Modules:
Module 0 – eCom Introduction
Module 1 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store
Module 2 – Sourcing Products & Research
Module 3 – Facebook Traffic
Module 4 – Instagram Traffic
Module 5 – Email Marketing
Module 6 – ChatBot Profits
Module 7 – Building Sales Funnels
Module 8 – Google Ads, Module 9
Organic Google Traffic (SEO)
(Bonus) – Increase Sales & Secret Videos
Bonus Content, BONUS Q&A #4

eCom Elites has over 100+ videos teaching on how to dropshipping essentially, it goes over from setting up shopify store to scaling your facebook ad campaigns with Lookalike campaigns. It’s truly a great course to be had.

So, eCom Elites starts at 197$ but, for just 100$ more, 297 you get a lot of extra bonuses. Now, if you’re tight on budget, you don’t need to get it, however, if you have the money then for SURE invest it.

This is by far one of the best dropshipping course out there and the most affordable. Unlike all the other gurus out there, Franklin doesn’t overcharge and charge like thousands of dollars for his course yet, his course contains 5 – 10x more Information.


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