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Neolife Distributor Training – Discover How To Build Your Neolife International Business Online

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In this neolife business presentation you will be introduced to online recruiting and prospecting strategies that allows you to generate leads on demand for you neolife opportunity without relying on your warm market of friends and family to grow your business opportunity. Your warm market may trust you, but there is no desire there as they are not actively seeking a business opportunity or the neolife products to promote even though they are great products. By learning how to recruit and sell online, how to get customers using social media and how to leverage sales funnels to carry out objection handling for you, you will soon see the power of digital marketing as it gives you time freedom in your business to help you build faster.

As a gnld neolife distributor there are many options when it comes to promoting neolife products as there are many to choose from. Some of the more popular products are:

– gnld neolife tea
– gnld neolife pro vitality plus
– gnld neolife shake

Selling neolife products to the point where you enroll 3 club members with an auto-ship health pack entitles you to receive your health pack for free which eliminates the bulk of your business costs right away. This is a good first target to aim for when getting started with your neolife business opportunity and helping your new recruits achieve the same.

Neolife international empowers it’s distributors with a very lucrative compensation plan (sometimes referred to as a comp plan, career plan, rewards plan, business plan, prosperity plan, marketing plan, pay plan) and gives your recognition for your achievements in neolife leadership. Achieving director rank is the sweet spot in the unilevel neolife compensation plan and you should set your sights on this target while encouraging your team and emerging leaders in your organization to do the same. The neolife club director qualifications are as follows: 1) achieve senior manager rank and maintain active promoter status. 2) Accumulate 4,000 QPV in any subsequent month. Your rank in the gnld neolife marketing plan and qualification for a neolife distributor title is determined by both your quantity of first level director legs as well as total group PV. The neolife business plan ranks are broken into 2 categories and are as follows:

President’s team:
– 5 diamond director
– 4 diamond director
– 3 diamond director
– 2 diamond director
– 1 diamond director
– 5 ruby director
– 4 ruby director

World team:
– 3 ruby director
– 2 ruby director
– 1 ruby director
– sapphire director

Some of the powerful fast start bonuses and consistency and leadership bonuses in the gnld neolife compensation plan 2017 include: car bonus, travel bonus, diamond step-up bonuses, president’s team consistency cash, diamond director bonus pool, founder’s profit sharing pool, leadership development bonus, network development bonus.

If you’re ready to learn how to sell neolife products online to prospects already seeking your value, how to build your team with motivated action takers, how to be successful growing a downline that sticks around, fast start training for generating your first lead online and lots more… go here to register for our online digital recruiting and prospecting training series here: http://mlmattractioncode.com

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