home Business Plan Online Business Plan-Detailed{Malayalam}. For inquiry call +919061025881

Online Business Plan-Detailed{Malayalam}. For inquiry call +919061025881

Edit to audio/video:Product(s) if any purchased as part of becoming a distributor is subject to 30 days return policy in accordance to Govt guidelines.

Hi friends.

This is a business opportunity that you can start with zero investment.Smartway’s focuses in utilizing the digital platform, particularly the e-commerce sector and the digital payments sector.As we all know, no company has permanent customers; here smartway aims to change that by creating permanent customers by engaging them in a way no other company in this sector has ever done before.i.e by giving an opportunity to them to become an owner of the smartshoppi and an opportunity to earn in the process.

Such customer creation is being done through direct selling and in accordance with the direct selling guidelines 2016 laid out by the Govt of India. For detailed information you can contact on 9061025881.

#TEAM-Together everyone achieves more
#UBUNTU-I am because we are.


#FDSA-federation of direct selling association
#IDSA-Indian direct selling association
#List of approved direct selling companies-http://bit.ly/2H6xitI


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