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Passive Income with Spark / FLR – Utility Deep Dive!

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Today we look at the many use cases of the Spark token. FLR / Spark is like any other asset, not only can you use it to vote on how the Flare Networks runs but it also provides numerous ways to earn a #PassiveIncome.

The future is bright for the Flare Network and Spark will be at the heart of its success!

⏱️Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:35 Flare Network Recap
2:17 What is Spark / $FLR
2:52 Spark Use Cases
3:28 Voting
4:19 Data Provider Vote Delegation
5:12 Governance Vote
6:11 Providing Collateral (Agents)
7:35 Earning with DeFi
8:20 Spark Inflation Mechanism
9:23 Demand for Spark
10:08 Network Launch
10:25 Claiming Spark
10:54 Spark IOU
11:30 Receiving Spark
12:29 Thank You
12:50 Summary / Outro


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