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Running an Online STEM Training Business While Working as the IT Manager for an Online Public School

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Today was another fantastic chat in our ‘Educator Entrepreneurs’ series. Ryan Rasar started his career as an architect before going back to school for his teaching license. He moved to teach in an online school before moving to admin to become an IT manager for the school. In his spare time, he founded stemqwest.com, a website selling STEM lessons. We talk about a lot of things including:

What it’s like working for an online school
How Ryan had a huge growth in business in the recent Covid19 crisis
How Ryan has now grown his business to the point where he could leave his job but how he likes his work and colleagues so keeps working there
Ryan’s advice for budding educator entrepreneurs
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Some links:

STEMQwest: https://www.stemqwest.com/

Ryan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rrasar/


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