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Is Savage Affiliates By Franklin Hatchett a Scam? Is Franklin Hatchett a Scammer who is out there to get your hard earned money?

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I go over Savage Affiliates which is an affiliate marketing course. The course is created by Franklin Hatchett. Who has made seven figures online and he has done Affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Now, the thing about Franklin Hatchett which is different is that he actually goes out there and ranks websites and makes money. This isn’t just a Guru trying to make money by just teaching you. He has in-depth knowledge about Affiliate marketing.

So, the course has 9 different modules and bonus training which is on Clickfunnels.

Module 1 Goes over just the basic affiliate marketing stuff like the results you can expect, what affiliate marketing is.

Module 2 is where he goes over niches and affiliate networks.

Module 3 is where he teaches you how the website is technically an asset which can keep making you money. How to start your website, WordPress plugins and a few other things.

Module 4 is an ENTIRE course on Clickbank, in-depth tutorial on how to pick products from Clickbank, check their stats and what it means, how to promote them, structuring articles, creating simple funnels, how you’d run paid ads to Clickbank products, finding keywords, tax forms and much more!

Module 5 is where he goes over ENTIRELY on Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Niche research, product research, 30 million dollar site, examples of sites, different products to promote

Module 6: ENTIRE FULL ON SEO Course, Literally everything to rank your website and his exact backlinking process he uses for his own websites.

Module 7: Goes over FREE traffic, forum traffic, Quora, blog comments, mini youtube course.

Module 8: Goes over Paid Advertising, Google ads mini-course, Facebook ads mini course and solo ads.

Module 9: Email Marketing: He goes over how to do email marketing and what not.

Bonus: Has clickfunnels training. He goes over how to make money from Clickfunnels and how to set up funnels and stuff.

Guys, This is LITERALLY the best affiliate marketing course OUT there. It’s ONLY 197$ One Time Fee No BS Upsells. You get all this information and access to the facebook group.

It will be truly appreciated if you guys bought through my link:


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