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Simon Coulson Review – Internet Business School

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Before I signed up to Simon Coulson’s course I wanted to check out a few things, and if you’re anything like me, you will too. I was new to Internet Marketing when I first saw him on stage at the London Excel venue with Tony Robbins, Lord Sugar and Richard Branson. So these are the questions that I needed to know before signing up:

– Who is Simon Coulson?
– Is his Internet Marketing advice any good?
– Does his training provide tangible results?
– Are his methods up to date?
– How accessible is he to his students?
– What would his course teach me?

Simon’s Fast Track Internet MBA was a 3-day intensive course that covered:

– Research
– Domain Names
– Choosing your Niche
– Website Building (wordpress)
– Blogging
– Video & YouTube
– Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
– Squeeze pages, landing pages, opt-ins
– SEO & Backlinks
– Local Marketing

Was it any good? Does he live up to his reputation? Well, I’ll let you watch my video and leave it up to you to make up your own mind. If you have any questions, please just leave a comment below or find me on my website or any of the social media channels that are listed below.

Thanks for watching!

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Or if you want to sign up to Simon’s course go to: http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/?af=1389196


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