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Group training is an amazing opportunity for personal trainers and online coaches. Not only can you earn more revenue in less time, but you can also convert these group customers into 1-on-1 training clients. Today, our Trainerize experts (Ally – Trainerize Success Coach/ Yoga Instructor and Tiffani – Trainerize Success Coach and Personal Trainer) are sharing the secrets to get started with group training in person or online training.

Here are some of the topics we’re going to touch on:

Top 3 reasons trainer should be using group training:
1. Boost your revenue
2. Convert more group clients to 1-on-1 personal training
3. Groups help you build community

3 Strategies to market group training services:
1. Themed events – ex. Mothers Day
2. Promotional videos/ social media content
3. Word of mouth + friend referrals

Tips for Taking services online:
1. Start before you’re ready
2. Offer value before you sell
3. Cross promote with other online trainers

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