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“The Perfect Online Business Plan” If You Are Just Starting Or Taking Your Existing Business Online

Looking for the “Perfect Online Business Plan”? 20+ year veteran internet marketer Nicola Cairncross shares the tried and tested way to create an online business, that still works today.

If you are watching all the high ticket trainings and thinking “I don’t want to do it like that” then don’t despair, ‘bottom up marketing’ still works a treat and only the other day I heard about my client who has made over $100k with one great value packed $30 ebook over the last five years with no extra effort since putting her site up just proves it. Pays for the holidays eh?

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Nicola Cairncross is a 5 x Author (Amazon Best Seller with one), Speaker, Podcaster (Own It! The Podcast) & founder of several six-figure businesses in 10 years. She currently runs her social media marketing agency ClicksAndLeads.com while writing her first sci-fi novel.

She also mentors business owners who want to take their existing businesses online.


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