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Top 5 Passive Income Ideas for 2021!

Top 5 passive income ideas for 2021; that help you make $100/day.
Become financial free by following any of these passive income ideas.
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Content of the 5 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Make Money in 2020.

00:00 Introduction about passive income and its importance in your finance life.
00:46 Selling Informational Product with 3 Step Smart Technique.
02:09 Start Aff-Marketing With this Interesting Method.
03:37 Start a Blog with 500 content strategy.
05:39 Write & publish your eBook.
06:38 Create Online course with little investment with your skills.

(check pinned comment for 500 content strategy.)

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8 Best Passive Income Ideas You Can Use in 2021

1. YouTube Channel
2. Consultancy Business
3. Freelancing
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Teaching Online Course
6. Investment in Mutual Funds & Equity for Dividend
7. Insurance Agency
8. Affiliate Marketing

What is passive income?

Well, I don’t want to make you confused with high level of definition of passive income stream. I just want to introduce it in single and simple form of passive income.

Passive income is a one type of surprise income which comes with your smart work and strategy.

You can get money while you are sleeping too. It sounds cool but, it required lot of smart work and little bit hard work too.

Check the Wikipedia about passive income – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_income

In this video; i shared top 5 passive income ideas that are 100% verified by top 10 digital marketers on the world.

If you are looking for starting a passive income stream in 2021; means next year then, these all 5 passive income ideas are also suitable for next year.

So, don’t search for passive income ideas 2021. Just learn these 5 passive ideas and make money while sleeping in 2021.

Let me give you an example of passive income stream.

Assume that; you are IT and computer person; you know how to build software that helps one type of people in any industry.

Now, creating or coding a software is a one time process. Then, set some sales funnel and start marketing. People will buy your software even you are sleeping.

Like, doing a drop shipping business is also passive income. But, some time it required some efforts too.

Blogging, Digital products, aff-marketing, selling video courses and applications will be consider as a passive income stream for beginners.

Rental Income is also consider as a passive income idea for those who have something to rent for money.

Many people confused about why people are struggling with making passive income!

Well, the answer is simple and short. It is due to inconsistent work and lack of confidence to learn more and more about passive income.

I started my passive income journey 13 year ago. I didn’t get any money on my first 4 years of work. I was focusing on my masters and other educational stuffs. I was spending only 1 hour a week for my passive income. This is not recommendable for you.

You need to spend 3 hours a day for learning about passive income on any industry you are going to.

Like, you want to make passive income from blogging! Right? Then, learn more and more about how you can make your skill better, which things you need to do in order to get your passive goals.

It is all up to you and your confidence for learning more and more things about passive income.

3 Simple but very effective Passive Income Guide for beginners

Determine If Passive Income Is Right For You.
Come Up With A Creative Idea, Product, Service, Or App.
Make Investments.

These 5 passive income ideas are totally dedicated from my personal experience. So, learn these ideas and choose and passive income stream to make passive money in 2020 or 2021 or 2022.

Its your time to start earning passive income.

If you found any confusion at any point then, feel free to ask your questions in comment box.

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Thanks for watching top 5 passive income ideas to help you make money in 2021.


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