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Learn how to start a web design business to make money today with your WordPress skills!

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With the right web design clients, you can expand your service into all types of offline and online marketing.

There are 5 steps to your web design business plan:

1) Identify Your Target Market

The biggest mistake is thinking you must work with ALL business types. When it comes to sales messaging, your offer will be too general to stand out from competitors in a fierce market.

That’s why you need to pick a “business niche” that interests you and become an expert.

EXAMPLE: If I only build websites for Italian restaurants, I can talk with potential clients about a reservation system, how we can grow an email list to get more customers in the door and show them examples of what their website and menu will look like online.

You’ll also want to look for people with shared values or interests. Doing so can make a cold introduction easier when you have something in common.

It’s not possible to know about someone for real until you get to work. After 3-5 projects with various personalities, you’ll begin to identify traits of the good & bad clients, so you become better at selecting them in the future.

The most powerful way to capture the attention of a potential client is by showing them results you’ve got for a similar business. That’s why you can gain traction faster by working within one industry.

2) Competitor Analysis

You’re likely to find certain trends when you search for web design businesses that have clients near you. The main categories of web design solutions include:

DIY Builders – Squarespace, Wix or templates available with your hosting company (COST: $20-50 / month)

Small Business – Company that has less than three people, often just one, and have several clients either within one industry or local. (COST: Setup fee then $50 – $200 / month)

High-End Freelancer – Someone that has years of experience and a specialty in a specific area like success within a business niche or e-commerce development. (COST: $1,000 – $10,000)

Digital Agency – Local companies that offer multiple high-end services and have 10+ employees (COST: $10,000 – $50,000 and contracts)

Don’t align yourself with the lowest prices in the market because you become a commodity and can’t offer the personalized service that is often necessary to gain traction for beginners.

The other thing that can happen is you feel “imposter syndrome” when you start comparing yourself to others that are successful. Have an abundance mindset because there is enough to go around between you and your competitors!

You have unique skills to offer, and if you stay confident and aggressive over a long period, good things will happen.

3) Provide a Solution

I’m partial to WordPress, a platform that powers a large portion of the web.

Starting a web design business is a low startup cost venture because all you need are domain registration ($20/year), web hosting ($300-$500/year), and premium WordPress themes/plugins ($50-$300/year) – my new favorite is Divi.


Then productivity apps like Google Drive (free), Dropbox ($100/year), and Adobe Creative Cloud ($600/year).

4) Set Your Goals

Sales is a numbers game. You must reach out to a large number of people to generate a little interest. That can be a discouraging feeling.

Make sales prospecting and networking a habit, and think of it as planting seeds.

5) Create Sales & Marketing Strategy

You can go with networking groups, cold calls, cold e-mails, plus many other methods. Create scripts, be personable, and don’t forget to follow-up.

Whether you are simply interested in websites, a freelance web designer, or an entrepreneur, knowing how to get web design clients will supplement your income.

The business of web design is more “art” than simply following a tutorial. You are dealing with humans and they are the biggest variable.

Focus on providing value to your clients, always seek opportunities to learn new skills, and grow your web design business!

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