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Why I Started My Online Business – Tatiana James

Here’s a snippet from a mastermind event we recently hosted. I thought I’d share this little introduction with you. I have to admit, one of my greatest advantages was my age… not because of all the years I had ahead of me but because at only 20 years old I still considered myself a student. I was very open-minded, I was open to learning from everyone. I’ve observed that with age, we become much more opinionated, we think we “already know this”, we’re less open to being taught new ideas. As we grow older we gain more experiences in life, some good and some bad. Without self-awareness, we let those bad experiences from the past cast shadows over the future… we forget that the past does not equal the future.
That’s why self-development is key… once we have the awareness we can act in ways that serve us instead of react in ways that are self-sabotaging.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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