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3 Irresistible Sales Pitch Examples to Win Customers

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Wondering how to write a winning sales pitch which would help you to instantly grab your customers and make your agency grow?

We’ve been inspired from some of the greatest sales pitch examples and figured out the best email pitch practices you should keep to draw your clients into your business with just one email.

In this video we’ll share with you the three irresistible sales pitch examples that are sure to win your clients’ attention. From a 2 line sales pitch example of Adam Goldstein to Airbnb’s startup pitch deck and Lemlist’s ultimate sales pitch template, this video will cover all the possible ways your email can stand out from the dozens of others in the mailbox. Here’s what we’ll guide you through:

00:00 Sales Pitch Examples
00:09 Goldstein’s pitch
02:36 Best tips for your sales pitches
06:55 What can you learn from startup pitches: AirBnB
10:51 Lemlist’s sales pitch example

If you really want your pitch to be good, make sure it tells a story, uses personalizations, has a grabbing subject line, follows the perfect length and gives alternatives when it comes to the call to action part.

Also, don’t forget about conducting in-depth research before you write the email. Generic emails are easy to find, but ones which indeed dig deeper and provide valuable material, are not.

Whatever you do, be sincere and creative in your emails and if you truly offer a good idea or material, your clients will surely appreciate it.

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