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The Hybrid Training Business Model (Online Trainer Show #45)

The Hybrid Training Business Model (Online Trainer Show #45)

We get it, COVID changed everything. Now what? The time to create the training model you want, that’s what. After the gang makes some great points about how you shouldn’t work all the time (sorry Amber), they jump into the ins and outs of the hybrid model. They cover how location isn’t the deciding factor in taking on clients anymore, how to know if training a client is worthwhile, and how embracing the hybrid model can help you reach more clients and cultivate a life of freedom.

In This Episode:
– Jonathan breaks down the “Hybrid Approach” [15:56]
– How gym owners can solve the location issue [21:59]
– Hybrid models are critical when gyms can shut down at any time [22:51]
– This is why the hybrid model REALLY shines [27:31]
– How Carolina’s and Amber’s approaches have adapted to COVID [32:30]
– There’s a version of hybrid training for everybody! [36:59]

“The part I love the most about the hybrid approach is that, by definition, our job as personal trainers is to optimize the experience for our clients.” – Jonathan Goodman

Location, Location, Location

This old adage has been interrogated by 2020. With the power of the internet, trainers can obtain and maintain clients in different parts of the world. Whether your local gym is open or you exercise at home, your trainer can provide either readymade videos or work out with you on a live call anywhere in the world, defining “the gym” as wherever you have space and gravity.

You, On-Demand

The beauty of the hybrid model lies in its customization: One client can work with a trainer completely online in his house, whereas another works with a trainer in-person three times a week and supplements with some online content. COVID has pushed our system to the limits, which has forced trainers to expand what they thought was possible.

…But They’ll Never Take Our Free Weights!

Discussing a hybrid model stretches far beyond fitness—it’s a discussion about how our economy functions. With much of the workforce switching to work-at-home permanently, the explosion of freelancing, and the uncertainty of physical business, now is the time to transform our anxiety into action. Now is the time to create the business model, and life, you’ve always wanted.

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