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5 Passive Income Ideas to Earn Money While You Sleep

Passive income means work once and earn years after years from this effort. You can say earn while you sleep. There are various ways of doing passive income. I have chosen the best and easiest five ways of passive income among those. In this Bengali video. I shall explain one by one.
1) Passive income from Real Estate Business – We all know that the value of real estate’s increase day by days. So if you invest money in real estate, you can earn passive income by selling those when the price increases. There are two disadvantages though: a) you need a good amount of money to invest in property, b) You may not liquidate whenever you wish
2) Passive income from Share and Trades – We all know that share is an excellent tool to earn money. Share value increases but decreases also. So, we need to understand these markets first, so study well before investing in shares and trades
3) Blogging: This is my most favourite method. There are several advantages like a) investment is low, b) 24*7, c) global business; but you should have enough knowledge to write blogs and should have an inclination in writings. You can earn through affiliate marketing, Adsense, advertising through your blog
4) Insurance Agency: You can sell insurance policies once and earn years after years as long as the policies are renewed. You should have the minimum qualification and qualify IRDA exams if you want to start your career as an insurance agent
5) Network Marketing: This is the most promising passive wealth opportunity. Though the opportunity is almost 100 years old, in India, it is only 20 years old. It is just in its infancy and projected for eight times increase in the next seven years. Anyone can start this business without much amount of money to invest or significant academic qualification. One can do it online, also by using the internet. If you are interested to know how you can do network marketing online, I shall request you to visit the website whose link is provided below.

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