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How I’ve Bought HUNDREDS of Homes With NO MONEY

The hardest part of getting started in real estate is usually money related. But what if I told you that’s not an issue? Watch this video to find out why.


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Most people want to get into real estate investing, but they have this belief that they can’t because they don’t have enough money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You actually don’t need money to get started.

Many millionaire investors I know today didn’t have much when they started. So the question is how did they get to where they’re at? How do they have millions now and all these rental properties and assets?

The answer is they learned all the different ways that you can own real estate or do deals without putting up capital.

The three main ways to do that are through wholesaling, Lease Options, and OPM (Other People’s Money).

If you can learn to utilize those strategies, you can get your first deal and start making some serious cash.

And just to put things in perspective. I started in the business with $10,000. It’s a lot more than most, but it’s definitely not a big sum of money. Many people I talk to today have much more than that and they still don’t think they have enough.

Hopefully this video shows you what is possible with the right skills and strategies.


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