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How to Launch a Creative Business From Zero

How do you start a design studio or business from scratch? What do I need to do before I quit my job and start my own company?


00:01:10 Why do you want to start a business? What’s your motivation?
00:01:51 Ben’s Story: Getting into the design business after working as an undercover narcotics officer.
00:03:17 Matt’s Story: Starting a design business fresh out of college
00:04:07 Greg’s Story: Creating a design business with few connections
00:04:49 Chris’s Story: Living and dying by my own set of rules and ambition.
00:05:55 Design Business Checklist
00:11:02 Prison Break: Planning your business
00:14:23 Your portfolio is the most important thing you need to start a design business
00:15:00 Have a 3-month runway, LLC, bank account, permits, side hustles
00:18:00 Culture and leadership are needed for employee satisfaction
00:22:14 How to calculate your business 3-month runway
00:26:00 Sales & Marketing overview
00:30:00 User Journey / Sales & Conversion Funnel
00:34:00 Anatomy of 500k Self-Promotion Campaign
00:38:15 What is the best platform for motion designers?
00:47:05 The Uncertain Future of Mograph as featured on the School of Motion podcast.
00:47:20 Logo Inspirations is now on YouTube.
00:47:35 What’s Hello Fresh?
00:48:00 Q: How would you tackle renegotiating rates with old clients?
00:50:20 Q: Should I specialize in one type of design, or should I take every job that comes?
00:51:50 Become a creative expert: Gain depth in design
00:53:12 Q: What financial/workflow/invoicing structures do I need to set so I can handle more jobs at once?
00:58:10 Q: If I get a project that I don’t have the skills for, how do I contract it out to other designers?
01:00:56 Q: Is it possible to sell assurance to a prospective client without a proven track record of professional experience?
01:06:00 Q: Blind offers a lot of what a marketer is supposed to do. Did you learn it or do you have a marketing team?
01:09:48 The Futur Podcast – On Itunes, Stitcher & Google Play
01:13:02 Q: What are the easier projects to start with / What were you first three?
01:15:42 Q: How do you come up with a name / do you have any tips for your first hire?
01:20:40 Q: How many projects per month is a good number (Phone Question)
01:23:50 Q: My target market doesn’t think long term. What can I do to make branding seem like something more tangible?
01:25:27 What separates a brand from a logo
01:29:01 Q: How do I identify market needs? so I can clearly advertise which services to offer?

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Buy the book: Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns

Logo Inspirations – www.youtube.com/logoinspirations
School of Motion Podcast – The Uncertain Future of Mograph – http://www.schoolofmotion.com/business-mograph-chris-do-blind/


Keep your expenses low and have a runway to keep your options open
The work of marketing the work is where the real work begins – the work does not speak for itself.
If you are taking a lot of different work, be selective in what you show the world.

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