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HOW to Use ‘Sales Funnels’ for *Network Marketing Leads & Sales* | Part 1 of 5

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This week it’s all About How to Use Sales Funnels for Network Marketing Leads & Sales

The term ‘sales funnel’ is an important concept for all types of businesses. Your sales funnel is what leads customers to purchase your products or services.

As they pass through the funnel, they transform from random prospects to qualified leads and, finally, to buyers.

As the funnel narrows and prospects get to your sales team, they are already primed to make a purchase.

The Sales Funnel Explained

The sales funnel is a sieve that leads prospective customers through your sales process. It casts its net wide and then gradually weeds out unqualified prospects that are not likely to buy your product.

As the term ‘funnel’ suggests, it’s wide at the top (the entry point) and narrow at the bottom (the point of purchase).

At the top, a sales funnel attracts casual website visitors through a special offer that lures them in. You then use marketing techniques to offer them other deals.

This gives you a chance to gather information about your prospects and further qualify them.



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