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Is your Business Making these 7 Critical Mistakes with your Marketing Funnels

http://successwithgare.com/funnelwebinar Are you making these 7 Marketing Funnel Mistakes in your Business?

Here are the 7 most common mistakes made by most marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs and web designers… that could be destroying your chances of online success.

I used to pay tens of thousands of dollars which I had to fire everyone, due to them making these costly mistakes that ultimately cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This week, I’m hosting a live broadcast to kick these 7 mistakes out of your damn world so you can achieve breakthrough results faster.

Topic: BEHIND THE SCENES: “The One Page Marketing Funnel Template I Used to Launch a 6 Figure Business in 90 Days”…

​ There are limited seats for this live training.

If you want to start experiencing rapid business growth, without killing yourself doing it, then there are a few simple but highly effective rules that you must follow.


If more than two of these mistakes are being made by your marketing efforts, your affiliate marketing company you promote, your entire business is being sabotaged by these and I strongly suggest you join me at my FREE ONLINE VIRTUAL Workshop via this page….. it’s Value alone is worth over $2000

I really am not sure how much longer I’ll be hosting these free online classes, these are LIVE and you get to ask me ‘questions’ at the end.

So as promised Here are the 7 big mistakes:

Mistake 1. Your website needs to be unique, if it’s a squeeze page it needs to branded to you… you so you stand out from the marketplace. You must leverage ‘results’, credibility, a great lead magnet for maximum conversions.

Quick Tip: The area at the top of your home page is either a big picture or worse still, a rotating graphic. If that’s the case, your website is next to useless because up to 80% of people leave websites before scrolling down the home page. But your web designer will be happy because the pictures look pretty.

Mistake 2. Are you reading this on your iPhone? about 60% of people check email on their phones.

Is Your website is not mobile friendly? – or it is mobile friendly but the content is not mobile optimized (I’ll explain this at the online event) Mobile is beyond important. In many industries we’re now seeing 60% of traffic from mobile.

Mistake 3. Are you guiding your visitors, leads and prospects clearly to the next step?
Mistake most make: There is no strong, clear call to action for the next step before you scroll down the page.
I tell my audience, my readers, they need to subscribe, they need to open my e-mails to read, learn and take action. I tell them clearly they need to pull out their credit card and buy when I need to. You must too

Mistake 4. Not utilizing video. You’ve got no video on your site or you do have video but it’s hidden in the wrong place. At the free online workshop I’ll talk about the various video types you can utilize even if you are a complete “introvert” and don’t want to put yourself on videos. There are lots of solutions 🙂

Mistake 5. You have no understanding of “Money Metrics”, this is why most people’s sales funnels are broken. This maybe the most important thing you ever discover. When I “got this”, the light turned on, and I became a Top Earner in all the companies and programs I ever promoted.

Mistake 6. Your missing out building long term relationships with your prospects and buyers. You don’t have an effective email capture system – or offer, enabling you to get 10% or more of visitors to give you their contact details.

Mistake 7. Your website has been designed to look nice, not to make you money. You need to have a site, multiple pages that lead to multiple funnels that people will come to and pull out their credit card to buy your products and services.

If your website is making two or more of these mistakes, your entire business is being messed up because of this. You deserve better.

If there’s one thing me and my team know, it’s how to create websites and sales funnels that make money.

Come and join me here on how all these mistakes can be fixed fast


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Traffic is the #1 skill that you must master to build a serious internet marketing business so we will focus a large amount of time on this subject during the event.


After we teach traffic, we want to help you convert that traffic to build your email list, so we will focus on various conversion strategies and list-building processes.


Without sales, your business is just a hobby, so we want to help you profit as much as possible by focusing on sales techniques you can start applying ASAP!


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