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Lead Generation Funnels for Coaches & Consultants

Hey there, it’s Dallas here. Welcome to lead generation for coaches and consultants. I’m Dallas McMillan, I’m the author of High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants. In the book I go through the three top performing high ticket sales funnels that you can use to generate leads for your coaching or consulting firm. The three funnels are, the client funnel, the webinar funnel and the launch funnel. All these funnels can dramatically grow your business.

We’re going into detail in the client funnel and just walk you through how this works as a lead generating funnel because, of course, if we’re selling stuff online, that’s a sales funnel. If we’re generating leads, people are willing to talk to us to buy stuff from us, that’s a lead generation funnel. They’re kind of the same. Sales funnel produces sales online, a lead generation funnel produces leads online.

Either way, we’re taking people through a process where we don’t know whether they’re a good customer, all the way through to where we know they’re ready to buy, we get on the phone with them and then we sell them nice valuable products and services. The client goes through their own process of getting to know, like and trust us, so they’re willing to try and buy our most valuable products and services, generating revenue around our business and also building a relationship with the customer.


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