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Sales Funnels for Accountants by James Molfetas – 2017


Joe is an accountant who is about to lose his biggest client who is emigrating in a few months’ time. This client represents 40% of Joe’s entire income.

Joe however is actually quite optimistic.

Just yesterday, he launched his online sales funnel to get more clients.

An online sales funnel is just a process of converting a complete strangers into paying clients.

Joe realized that the way that people buy accounting services these days has changed. All of his potential clients are online. The big secret is that It is easier, quicker and cheaper to find clients online than to find them using archaic offline methods.

In fact, Joe cannot even remember when last he had a referral and he gave up wasting his time at networking meetings over a year ago.

George is Joe’s ideal client. George started a new business 6 months ago and it is absolutely flying. He has made more money than in his last 5 years combined.

But George is worried. His business is spiraling out of control. He needs help.

He keeps hearing the revenue authorities on the radio reminding people that the tax filing deadline is fast approaching. They have taken a tough stance and have threatened to really crack down on tax offenders.

In a panic, George turns to almighty Google.

He types in: “What are the tax requirements for running a business in SA?”

He comes across one of Joe’s Google ads offering him a free checklist of all of the tax requirements that businesses have to fulfill to be compliant. (This is the first step in Joe’s funnel) (Joe has just hooked George’s interest) Excitedly George clicks the ad.

He lands on the promised page that asks for his name and email in exchange for the checklist (This is the second step in Joe’s funnel) (Looks like George is taking the bait) .

He enters his name and email address and to his delight is taken to a page offering him a ten-page eBook that fully explains everything he needs to know about becoming compliant (This is the third step in Joe’s funnel) (Joe now starts to reel him in).

George is thrilled that the ebook is inexpensive and that is has been put together by an accountant who, get this, is even prepared to sit with him for an hour to make sure he implements everything properly.

George can’t get his credit card out fast enough. He completes the transaction and downloads his eBook.

“Wow” says George, this seems a bit hectic. I better phone Joe and take him up on the consultation. (This is the forth step in Joe’s funnel) (The fish is landed!)

Hi Joe, this is George. I just downloaded your tax compliance report which is really good by the way but man it just scares the living daylights out me. I seriously need help. When can I come and see you?

How about tomorrow at 10am?

Done! (Seems Like Joe is having fish for dinner for years to come!)
Joe can’t contain himself…

“My Online sales funnel is awesome! That is the second appointment today! And the best part is that they phoned me! I even got paid for the initial consultation that I usually do for free!

I have always dreamed of prospective clients chasing me because the thought of prospecting for new business makes me feel uneasy but I never really thought it could happen!”

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